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Personal Care Products and Health.

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Queen's University
Health Studies
HLTH 102
Melody Torcolacci

Personal Care Products552012 83200 AM Personal Care Products50 billion dollar industry o Skin is your largest and thinnest organo Highly permeable what goes on it goes in itShowerso Open skin pores o Drives a high absorption rate of chemicals right into your system o Vaporizes chemicals so you inhale them into your lungsChemical residue builds up over years o Once in the body they accumulate over timeo We absorb more toxins from what we breathe and what contacts our skinMore than 33 of personal care products contain at least one ingredient that is linked to cancer o Effects can be seen in offspringParabens o Used as preservatives in skin care and cosmetic productsConnected with breast cancer Contribute to the growth of tumorsLinked to hormonal neurological developmental disordersHave hormone disrupting qualitiesMimics estrogenInterferes with endocrine systemExtra fat storageCancersCan be found inShampoosToothpastesDeodorants Prepared foodsEthyl Alcohol o Used as a solventAlso a solvent on your skin o mixes other ingredients in manufacturing process
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