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Stress and Health

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Health Studies
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HLTH 102
Melody Torcolacci

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Stress 552012 84300 AM StressThe non specific response of the body to any demand made upon it o The body reacts to stressors regardless of whether they are positive or negativeAcute stress o A brief but intense response to a specific incident Episodic stress o Regular but intermittent elevation in stress levelsChronic stress o Permanent state of elevated stress Eustress o Positive stress that challenges us to grow adapt and find creative solutions Distress o Negative stress that can destroy life energyYou can avoid stress it is everywhereGASGeneral Adaptation SyndromeBody wants to maintain homeostasiso Stressors disturb homeostasis and trigger a non specific physiological response Body attempts to restore homeostasis by adaptive response Stages of GAS o AlarmBody quickly prepares to cope with the stressorHormones such as adrenaline rise o ResistanceIf stressor continues the body tries to keep resources and keep homeostasisEnergy consuming o Exhaustion Stress too longBody resources drainedLoss of normal functioningAvoid stage 3
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