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Water and Health

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Queen's University
Health Studies
HLTH 102
Melody Torcolacci

Water 552012 84300 AM WaterChlorination eliminated waterborne disease o Cholera typhoid hepatitis Individuals on low fibre diets who drank chlorinated water doubled their risk for rectal cancerSmoking men with chlorinated water doubled their risk of bladder cancerWomen had increased rates of bladder cancer even without smoking o Regular exercise reduces the risk of cancersNo link between long term consumption of chlorinated tap water and colon cancer o The source of chlorinated tap water can promote cancersSurface waterContains higher concentrations of organic compoundsPotentially carcinogenicChlorination by products Compared water from deep undergroundo Disinfection by productsTHMS trihalomethanesHAAs Haloacetic acidsLinked to damaging effectsHeart lung kidney CNSCancerDevelopmental effectsChlorine is not responsible the disinfection by products areDBPs are 10000 more toxic than chlorine The most toxic out of all the chemicals in your water o Cancer risks from THMSSkin exposure while swimming94 of the total cancer risk from being exposed to THMs Swimming pools can be fueling allergies
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