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Intoxication  Excitement, Europhobia, exhilaration, infatuation, delirium o Can be coffee or even cocaine o A cocktail or sleeping pill  We use drugs to change the way we feel o Sex, hunger, thirst, all similar to pursuing intoxication  Our nature as chemical beings  Biological o Desire to alter consciousness is innate  History o We have always used drugs o Every age, everywhere  Everyone participates in mind altering substances o Every species of animal has in engaged in the pursuit of intoxicants  Plants o Brain gives likeness and connection for plant compounds  We evolved the ability to extract plant compounds  Synthesize their chemicals  Develop ways to put concentrated forms into our body Drug Use Ecologies  System of physical, social, cultural economic factors that are involved with drug use  Drugs need to be understood in their cultural, historical, and societal context o In the past there was no stigma associated to drug use o People of all classes used drugs What is a Drug  Anything taken into the body, through a number of routes, for the purpose of altering ones physical and or psychological state o Medication, herbs, consumable food items  They have the capacity to be rewarding  There are 5 drug classifications Drug Choices  Why people do drugs o The drug is physically available o It is psychologically available o Choice and temperament o Liking the effect of the drug o Personal image and peer group association  Drug use is a choice  Free will  Intention to regular or modify perceptions, emotions, thoughts, sensations  Can be in an environment of limited control Drug Misuse  Drug use falls on a continuum o There are a series of drug use o Siegals Patterns of Drug Use  Experimental  Social – recreational
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