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Club Drugs  Typically hallucinogens and stimulants Designer Drugs  Substances not under international control  Not made illegal yet  Made with legal substances to avoid legal consequences Ecstasy  Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA)  Use to contain MDMA, made the drug more strong  Synthetic drug o Man made  First used in Germany to suppress appetite o Never produced because of its side effects  Usually mixed with other hallucinogens (LSD/acid)  Provides hallucinogenic and stimulant like effects o Euphoria  Lasts 5-8 hours  Can develop a tolerance for the drug o The more they use, the less empathy o After repeated use, has more amphetamine effects  Wakefulness, loss of appetite  Low dependence and addiction  Pharmacology – Forms of the drug o Pills o Powder – inhaled o Injected  Takes 30-60 minutes for effects to start o Peaks at 90 min  Increases pleasure neurotransmitters in the brain o Dopamine, norepinephrine, serotonin  Effects o Euphoria o Nausea, vomiting, teeth grinding, dilated pupils o Hallucinations – affects senses o Increased heart rate, sweating o Neurological effects  Altered perception  Insomnia  Fatigue or energy  Blurred vision o Anorexia  Difficult to eat when under the influence  Withdrawal o Fatigue o Depression o Irritability o “cracked out”  Ecstasy Harms o Hyperthermia – increased body temperature o Seizures, coma, hemorrhage, psychosis o Cardiovascular effects o Dehydration o Kidney damage – rhabdomyolysis o Serotonin syndrome  Long Term Effects o Too much serotonin in the brain o Long term memory and learning effects  Hard to determine long term effects because ecstasy is usually mixed with other drugs  Prevalethe o 4 most common used substance in Canada o Highest rates among 15-24 year olds o Lower rates of MDMA because of lack of chemicals o Ecstasy still exists, but has lower rates of MDMA traces GHB – Gamma Hydroxybutric Acid  Soap, scoop, G,  Clear, odorless salty liquid o Taken orally o Water soluble o Absorbed in the GI tract  Can be used as a date rape drug, not THE date rape drug o Hyptnotic effects o Alcohol masks taste of GHB  Used in nightclubs and raves  Largely purchased over the internet  Therapeutic window o Limit which within use is safe o Low safe limit, lethal amount is close to recreational amount  Pharmacology – Uses, Effects of drugs o Can be used as a bodybuilding supplement o GHB occurs naturally in the brain, brain has GHB receptors o Mediates sleep cycles, emotional regulation o Used to treat insomnia and anxiety o Has therapeutic and recreational uses  Prevalence o Lifetime use is low o Use has been doubling o Use usually requires hospitalization  Onset o Depressant with sedative hypnotic effects o Similar to benzos o Effects noticeable 15-20 mins, peaks 30-60min  Effects o Loss of muscle coordination, confusion o Sedation o Amnesia, loss of consciousness o Similar to alcohol  Subjective Effects o Chemical drunk, similar to alcohol o Decreased inhivition o Dream like state, sedation o Similar to GABA and benzodiazepines  Overdose o 0.5 relaxation, disinhibi
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