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Lecture 6

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GoffmanManaging a spoiled identitySignifies bad moral statusStigma o An attribute that makes someone different from others o Places a person in a less desirable category of society o Person is viewed as bad dangerous or weak o People view person as less than whole tainted o Considered a failing shortcoming a handicap o Discrepancy between the virtual identity and social identityWhat someone appears them to be and what they actually are3 Types of Stigma o Abominations of the body o Blemishes of character o Stigma of race nationality religion passed down from generationsPeople with stigma get discriminated treated as inferiorNorman ZingbergDrug Set and SettingControlled Intoxicant Useo Focus on how people maintain control when using drugs o Why people choose to control themselvesStudied counter culture and experimentation with LSD and hallucinogensStudied Vietnam o Enlisted men having cheap access to heroino Using after warZinbergs Hypothesis 1Vietnamo Troops interest in heroine was due to the specific social setting in which they were inNegative social setting concerns of safetyLess social sanctions at the time o How do people create social controls to control drug usePrevious studies ignored moderate or occasional useDrug use was just considered addictionUseabusePharmacomythologyDrug as unstobbableTriad of Drug ActionHypothesis 2
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