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Health Studies
HLTH 237
Ron Shore

Synthetics, Analogues, Derivatives  Designer drugs include o Synthetic cannabinoids o Synthetic cathinones o Synthetic derivatives of substances such as cocaine and ketamine  Legal to possess, easy to obtain o Headshops, internet  Market as producing similar effects to illegal drugs o Can have life threatening adverse effects  Head shop o Retail outlet selling drug paraphernalia o Sells herbs that are legal in the area o Labeled “not for human consumption” to avoid charges from authorities o Sometimes not detectable in drug screens Khat  Catha edulis plant o Occurs cathinone and cathine naturally o Found in leaves of plant  Chewing of plant is common  Routes of Administration o Powder/pills  Parachuting, bombing  Wrapping and ingesting  Stimulants o High is similar to MDMA and cocaine  Effects begin 1 hour after ingestion o Lasts for 3 hours  Effects o Agitation, panic attacks, tremors o Insomnia, headaches, nausea, increased heart rate o Dizziness, confusion, depression, psychosis o Suicidal thoughts o Increased risk of ulcers, kidney problems  Rhabdommyolysis o Can bring out pre-existing psychotic symptoms  Withdrawl o Anxiety, trembling, depression o Nightmares, cravings  Tolerance and dependence reported  Toxicity and death can occur  Onset o 10-20mins if snorted o 15-45 min if taken orally  Not under international control, still legal o Labeled not for human consumption to divert legal charges Synthetic Cathinones  Not made naturally  Possess amphetamine properties o Acts on serotonin o Psychoactive effects  High doses can act like cocaine  Uses to treat depression, lethargy, obesity o Stimulant  More increased use and pravelence today o Availability on internet o Increased media awareness  Mephedrone o Legal alterative to amphetamine or cocaine o KHAT derivative
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