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Health Studies
HLTH 237
Ron Shore

Health 237 Addiction Lecture 1 IntroHarm reduction understanding the risks before choosing to use a substance and taking all necessary precautions to reduce those risks Started in injection community methadone treatment Social norm acknowledge that people will take part in harmful behaviours As humans we naturally selfregulateWe use substances to regulate our emotions Continuum for harm reduction has a boundary lineBehaviours become habitual and they become part of who you areBrain changes as more molecules are introduced into the bloodstream temporary changes can be reversed to the norm as long as the norm doesnt changeIf the norm changes brain needs to keep that same amount of stimulation o Endogenous opioids pleasure chemicals Drugs can change who you are and what substances you needo Addicted to not only the substance but also the behaviourritual associated with itAddiction is person dependent and culturally dependentSocial policy can increasedecrease harm from illicit substancesInsight Vancouver clinic for addicts to have a safe haven for nurses clean needles etco Social progress supreme court decision allowed Insight to stay open Addictionmoral problem vs medical conditi
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