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Queen's University
Health Studies
HLTH 237
Ron Shore

HLTH 237- Lecture #3 The Kingston Youth Space - High-risk in Kingston o Not in school, in CAS care, jail, housing instability, drug use - Interviewed youth drug users (16-24) o Asked about drug use o Family influences o Risk behaviours o Average age of first use  13.3 - Drug Use o Cannabis was the highest o Cocaine was #2 o Speed and meth close to the top - Norms and trends o Attitudes  High acceptance of weed  Increasing acceptance of pill popping and snorting  Stigma around injecting o Increased usage and normalization of marijuana o Increased usage of prescription drugs - Hep C o Limited to moderate knowledge o Confusion about vaccination and treatment o Most knew that sharing needles was a high risk activity o Weaker knowledge areas:  Sharing other injection equipment  Sharing bills or straws for
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