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Lecture 5

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Queen's University
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HLTH 323
Stevenson Fergus

Ethical Theories  Formalism (Non – Consequentialism) o Look at the act itself o The end does not justify the means  The outcome is not worth what you had to do to get there o The act itself is unethical, shouldn’t be done no matter the consequences  Eg. Catholics and aborition  Consequentialism o Looking at the consequences o The end result is worth what you had to do to get there o The end is worth it  Eg breaching confidentiality to help someone for the better  Different situations have different ways o Depends on what you are trying to achieve Ethical Principles  Value of life o Preserving life  Goodness or rightness o Trying to maximize goodness o Nonmaleficience  Doing no harm o Benefiecence  We should ultimately be doing good  Justice o Treating people fairly  Honesty  Autonomy o People should choose to do with their lives o Informed consent  They decide for themselves  Utility o Balancing all principles o Maximize all principles Ethical Issues in Health Promotion  Ethical issues are involved with all aspects of professions o Trying to change behaviour is ethical o Autonomy issue  Obligati
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