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HIV Services - week 9.docx

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Health Studies
HLTH 323
Stevenson Fergus

HIV Services  Support/prevention services for HIV  25 years  Support/education components o Assistance with testing o Support with family/friends  Health promotion and harm reduction principles o Influences programs o Requires evaluation  Does it make a difference in the population?  Harm reduction o Needle exchange programs o Prevent harm within that population  Providing tools to do things safely  Building relationships  Giving support to make changes o Minimizing HEP. C  Kingston – street health o Needle exchange program  Population specific projects o Focused on women  Build capacity to work with women  Work with women who are at risk  Education, policy development o Sex worker population  Educating people about the issues  Involving women sex workers in program development  Providing education and tools for sex workers to work safely  Preventing work violence o Policies and agencies  Making populations safe  Getting agencies involved o Gay men work  Health promotion working  Providing education about safety with men having sex  Non judgmental  Giving them tools to act safely  Building capacity in the community to be more involved  Programs will not occur without health promotion or harm reduction o Hard for rural communitites o Hard for communities based on abstinence  Grassroot level  Health promotion improved program o Finding ways to work together o Giving people tools o Focus on keeping people healthy o Looking at keeping individuals healthy in order to keep everyone else healthy  Not just focus on the rest of society being healthy o Involving community o Making voices heard  Hearing from people who actually have HIV  Ensure their needs are being met o Challenging unmoving beliefs  Eg being straight and having available resources  Being gay and having to ask for them Planning and evaluation  Planning o Meeting with others in the province  Getting research  Stats o Meet with stakeholders  What is lacking  What do people need  Evaluation o Government required o Evaluations after presentations o How has it impacted the community o Government doesn’t supply funding for evaluation  Evaluation is just as important as working o How is your work doing  Leads to new planning Work in prisons  Prisons are considered part of community o Not just a federal problem  Full time prisoner worker o Focusing on what people have once people get out of
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