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Lecture 2

Lecture on Acedemic Integreity and Ecological Approach, week 2.docx

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Queen's University
Health Studies
HLTH 323
Stevenson Fergus

Academic Integrity  5 Fundamental Values o Honesty o Trust o Fairness o Respect o Responsibility Breaches  Plagiarism o Presenting another’s ideas as one’s own without proper acknowledgement  “copy and pasting”  Quotes and phrases without acknowledgement  Submitting the same piece of work  Avoid word for word  Paraphrase when possible  Quotation marks o How to avoid  Cite any ideas that are not your own  Cite any specific information  General vs. specific knowledge  Put quotations  Put concepts in your own words  Facilitation o Enabling another’s breach of academic integrity  Forgery o Submitting counterfeit documents or statements  Falsification o Misrepresentation of one’s self, one’s work, or one’s relation to the university Ecological Perspective  People and their relationship with their physical and socio- cultural surroundings  The people and everything around them
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