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Lecture on Social Cognitive Theory, week 8.docx

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Queen's University
Health Studies
HLTH 323
Stevenson Fergus

Social Cognitive Theory – Social Learning Theory  1972 Bandura  Based off of operant conditioning o Rewards cause behaviour o Learning occurs because of direct rewards  Can be vicarious o Can get rewards just by watching other people o Friends lose weight, get compliments, makes you want to lose weight  Learning through observing behaviour and rewards of others o We mimic behaviour  Major Concepts o Reciprocal determinism  Person, behaviour, environment  Each influences each other o Ecological framework  Influenced and learn from many influences  Components of Behaviour Change o Awareness and knowledge  Being aware of behaviour or issue o Self efficacy  Confidence in your ability to do a behaviour  Eg telling your partner to use condoms o Self regulatory skills  Ability to break up behaviour  Setting reasonable goals o Social support  Being encouraged to change  More likely to change behaviour if others encourage it Project Northland  Minnesota  Goal o Prevent/reduce alcohol use amoung grade 6-12 students  Social cognitive theory basis  Intervention focuses on o School based curriculum o Parental involvement program o Peer leaership training o Community wide task force  Addresses all influences  Home, peer, school  Types of intervention o Slick tracy home team – gr. 6 (books)  Works with parents o Gr.7 amazing alternatives o Gr. 8 powerline o Alcohol incidence debates in highschool  Project northland believed o Expectations, expectancies, environment, and situation influence drinking behaviour o Expectations  Anticipatory outcomes of a bheaviour  What you think is going to happen  Project made students learn legal consequences of alcohol use
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