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Lecture 6

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Queen's University
Health Studies
HLTH 323
Stevenson Fergus

Program Evaluation  The systematic assessment of the operation and outcomes of a program or policy o Process and outcomes of the intervention  What is happening during the program?  Is it working?  What can you ask before and what can you ask after to see a change? o Use focus groups o Direct observations to evaluate o Data sources  Interviews, testing, diary, log  Tracks thoughts and experiences during the program  Can measure behaviour  Qualitative vs. Quantitative  Compared to set of explicit or implicit standards o Explicit standards  Knowing ahead of time what to reach  May have set guidelines already  Make comparisons to see improvements o Compare before and after the program o Compare against standards to see if they have been met  Improve program if it was not successful  Change operation and process  How it was delivered and what occurred during the program Goal vs. Objectives  Goal o Shows general direction of the program o Not always measurable  Question o Specifics what evaluation with answer  Objectives o Used to asses the intervention o Come from questions o SMART  Specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, time achievab
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