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Health Studies
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Stevenson Fergus

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Queens Theory Example  Why apply at queens? o Campus, programs  Reduce factors to o Quality of education o Community, location o Social/individual influences  Factors all influence students to apply  Create a theory as to why people apply using those factors  Test theory – do research, surveys  Health promotion theories develop using own intuition, personal experiences in the field  Do research -> apply theory -> test theory Mechanics of Theory  Set of interrelated concepts, definitions that present a view of events or behaviours, or situations  Specifies relationships among variables o Eg explains relationship between factors o Finances + parents for queens  Should explain the conditions in which these factors occur o Eg being in a big city o Eg. Parents who have more money are more likely to send their kid to university  Should be explanatory to all cases and situations o But no theory is perfect, will have exceptions  Use of Theories o Predict events or situations  Theory as a set of organized knowledge that is applicable to wide variety of circumstances o Explains the nature of behaviour  Theories should be generalizable Theories Should Be  General o Applicable to many situations o Applicable to many groups and populations  Abstract o Do not have content area o Not completely specific  Testable o Theories must be empirically evaluated o Need to have research done on it o Has to be proven or revised  Parsimonious o Theories are simplified reality o Should apply to most behaviours and situations Why study Theory?  Helps health educators understand what influences individuals, groups  Helps understand behaviour  Leads to planning interventions aimed at those influences or behaviours Theories Help Answer  Why people behave the way they do o Explaining behaviour  What you have to consider before developing an intervention o Eg what is preventing the intervention? o How would you change behaviours using the theory?  What should your intervention strategies be o Using theory to help with certain behaviours o Eg people learn from reinforcement  How you should evaluate the intervention o Impact evaluation o How people changed after the intervention, were you able to change the factors described by the theory Theories in Health Promotion Ecological framework – many dimensions  Individual Level o Health Belief Model o Earliest theory  Perceived severity  How bad the disease is  Cancer = death  Perceived susceptibility  Eg more likely to get disease  If both are high, people are more likely to engage in intervention  Benefits and barriers  People more likely to act if there are benefits  People less likely to act if there are barriers preventing them from acting  Can be perceived barriers o Theory of Reasoned Action/ Planned Behaviour o Transtheoretical Model  Interpersonal level – relationships and others o Social influences o Social Cognitive theory o Social Support and Social Networks  Organizational/community level o Diffusion of innovation  How theories are adopted by others Traingle Diagrams  Top – Concept o General idea, not a theory about situation or behaviour o Eg. Why do people eat bad? Concept – because there is lack of ability of healthy food  Middle – Construct o More specific, put concepts into theory o Eg. Theory of not eating well, perceived barriers (eg not having enough food) o Relationship between factors and behaviour  Bottom – Variable o Doing rese
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