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Lecture 2

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Health Studies
HLTH 323
Stevenson Fergus

An Evolution in Perspectives – Michel O’Neill  Canada has been leading for the development of health promotion  World Health Organization International Conference o Held in Ottawa o 2 Major documents were released  The Ottawa charter for health promotion  Achieving Health for all – Epp Report  2007 – Renewal of Health Promotion in Canada o Vancouver – International Union for Health Promotion Education  1974 – The Health Education Era o Government wanted to protect and modify the health of Canadians o No information provided to one on one or local level  1970’s o Health information was targeted toward doctor patient relationship o General public was also target of campaigns to properly use health service o New at risk behaviours started becoming the target of health education  Smoking, sedentary lifestyle, obesity o Difference Between 1970 and 1950  Creation of health education interventions  Recruitment of other scholars besides health personnel  Sociologists, psychol
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