LLCU 214 Lecture 2: Week 2 (got A+ in course)

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Queen's University
Languages, Literatures and Cultures
LLCU 214
Donato Santeramo

Week 2 Lecture Notes: Iconic representations A photograph, portrait A representation of something that resembles what is being represented Ex. Washroom signs Icons were initially referred to religion representation Closest to reality Fundamental part of the development of reality (ex. Cave walls) In some cultures, taking photos is looked down upon because it is thought to possess you There is a sacred element to iconic representation Reproducing sounds Indexical Representations Move away from direct representation Ex. Index finger Ex. Smoke is an indexical representation of fire With this, a sign is taking us somewhere else Will always need a reference, something we can go back to At the end of the book, there is an index which tells you where to go to find something Symbolic representations Is totally arbitrary Has no relationship with what is being represented Ex. Language o No correlation between words spoken and the ideas produced in heads They are culturally constructedembedded o Symbolic representation are embedded in what is understood culturally o We need tools that are in the moment and over time in order to decipher a symbol Ex. Swastika o No relationship between this and Nazism Organized groups make a good use of this to consolidate how they are to be within society Alien conspiracy The idea that immigrant brought with them organized crime in north America organized crime is a descendent of Sicilian mafia Shaped immigration policies Ethnic succession The idea that crime was an instrumentmyth for social advancement It tells us organized crime is used for social advancement With mafia, it is a life long commitment that you cant ever leave Italian mafia never had a reason to leaveretire Retirement is not an option
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