LLCU 214 Lecture 5: Week 5 (got A+ in course)

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Queen's University
Languages, Literatures and Cultures
LLCU 214
Donato Santeramo

Week 5 Lecture Notes: Wake up call for America! From 19501951, senator Estes Kefauvers special committee [fill in the rest] Kefauver ABC, CBC and NBC televised the hearings live This was the first spectacular live public event, with audience of 2030 million views The Cast The people called to testify in front of commission o Tommy o Vito Genovese: hired someone to kill Vincent Mangano, and became boss of Gambino family o Albert Anastasia: killer of Mangano but was killed o Frank Costello: Charged for tax evasion Born Francesco Castiglia Low ranked soldier While consenting to be televised, he didnt want his face to be shown hence why camera focused on his hands Microphones broadcasted his peculiar voice (throat surgery) in a heavy Italian accent Robert Kennedy (RFK) Appointed Attorney General in 1961 He wrote the paper with the tittle The Mafia Within meaning mafia was a network of powerrelationships, and not just a bunch a immigrants part of a an ethnic group He declared war on Mafia and promised to uncover its reach into politics and labour unions Joseph Kennedy = father of JFK AND RFK o He had ties with union and organized crime groups which helped JFK become president o JFK and RFK had no clue of this relationship Major breakthrough came for RFK: Joe Valachi (small time drug dealer and low ranked soldier) family decided to become an informer and revealed many details about the mafia, including the name for the mafia was Cosa Nostra Joe Valach He said he didnt understand some of the things he was asked to repeat during the ceremony His godfather was Vito Genovese When we are doing things in a ritualistic way, we often dont know the meaning of the things being said By not understanding (using Sicilian), this created this mystical atmosphere making this whole ritual more important and real ****The mafia was never a threat to democracy or the foundation of a country, only talked to representatives for manipulation
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