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MATH 120 - Week 1 Lecture 3

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MATH 120
Rahul Kumar

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Lucdwo.3 ABSOLUTE VALUES 所xase tells us ;ーーーーー, da Enouveue : 1-引25 since guz,ゾ -C,+VE ) > ( 2:3 ︵ ノ사 hand lit. J---I3-1+vi-Vt Ceistheem. Final auxeR,ブam aah-cㄴ />r- 3/e8 Solutiern :みx-s > o, nan X"にyz)XF11. ノメ >r _ 3 < o Zhan-(x-3), > sou uTIon) : Townndorsiano(プ/u-*dseue wi+y-84 lx-il +/Y-21-1, we Cunsicke The Alic win PROBLEM : Expee ss ellcu in)mith at uast cue /atk/ric-)a + b + cil a,b, ce1F- 501 umen , The-hianglemupuality empires nor lat bl +1 cì > /at btcl ナlunu erst have Fatb/HJ-/a+b+c\|-Ja-j b}+1c/-jathtcl ︵ ProBLEM Fund auxethr_totawhich Salu)ton , Azurutz仇4Heuality as < Y-1-2x-,- ,(x-1)(2x-IS rr./J (2x-i) suppose-Y20 we have twi :Xe-Y中 (x )/2xt1) (x 2 +3 >0 thin reteomq)ナunchan i5 p some only 4 and ZK-1 >0-0て < md 2x-I <0 Lucdwo.3 ABSOLUTE VALUES 所 xase tells us ; ーーーーー , da Enouveue : 1- 引 25 since guz , ゾ -C , + VE ) > ( 2 : 3 ︵ ノ 사 hand lit. J --- I3-1 + vi - Vt Ceistheem . Fi
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