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Lecture 3

MATH 120 - Week 3 Lecture 2

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MATH 120
Rahul Kumar

ween Lacyyte 2 ィhe.SCAnchon f aracaone the lievitr-e: as xterds foe Gari.j.yin Ri X4 DerntFs sav-sh v、ngx 기 we have 1p(x)--Q/a Proouvi? Provena Rowe k"; worn, we have ーーーーー -I ): 1 2x2+4x, 2x 2-1 2(2y? +1 ) Since we are inyuested sn lav"p x /ue hoy rw.hoy assume that X> 2/27r 2 + IJ/ -212x' 나 1)ー2 (zy41)_ZYz+1 ZX7 This sugge -souton Given Evo, co+ B: x(릎 , ) 4 ys Ethen Given E70, or and w have Thu are s wor aer~vahus hi wa (s) oo , xmoN (>ha) 2in-fa)以 : f admiっa linite (Anise or insini4e) anag adnw4S Δtrvir m( finite or inSmie)メor r → aLa cR v Stag tran p,00+ V"(bm t4-+... .プー ym叻VXte 11-vy. rove fivwn A VX--IT (听77 -vsp ㅡ글 70 3.X' Xined,始( noddcoo 4 ween Lacyyte 2 ィ he.SCAnchon f aracaone the l
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