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Lecture 4

MATH 120 - Week 4 Lecture 3

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MATH 120
Rahul Kumar

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nhnuous gunchsns acquire huo wwpci nt piGazrttes fon MC Tnterrvediak Volue Theorem (Cauchy圯21), a 4unCHiGin Cisccninuous on he closed and be sad dnkway ra, b],カvn is Co tinuous on t assuwus au valus oetuen f(a) and 4(o). In one, words 4o/ all y such tn at fia)兰yk f(b) o^ 4(b14VEf(a) Ranarn. This coptures the dea-hot he cram o$ anhnucus-AAnchen conbe drawn wincut.はhng the chalk otha biach.baord /スーーーーー/ oscsawwers Pro-um snau inat, PC+)나ル+3.れ -+-1 has a zen ror root) inboth , 0) and ( , 2) P(2):ルー8-4- 2-1- j ywe e>W5 numbers f, E(-1, 0) and rze(1s2j do can aceway at kuc deciwal paas. _hon FY51 00serve mot q(s):7 and S6 the Inksvweioke valua theorem Syphes Jung has a zuo inthe interval M, o) LEHMA 다 ne Nis odd, hunyrepoynunni ai f(x):ニxntan-ly"-+... tae and the hovyunequality gives (*) ix1-7 may(1,2njan-ll, ... 2n\aol ) thun !y'l7ix) and monaiwds, .Jean-it...t 흙4 Inonu words 늘스 It anx t... 4xen trunsore ,ノf ue choose 170 5st symy (X)如on (x,)"
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