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Lecture 5

MATH 120 - Week 5 Lecture 1

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Queen's University
MATH 120
Rahul Kumar

ween 5 Doy 4 DERIVATIVES unor is a darwahw and how Should withinh W)ou)- 0n? eve /舶)--fca) Atenarmely Aitenaynely , is h durees-the aryne+theinke ala e. heb-a-Nenoverejira_fla+h )-, f(a) fath)-pCo) pan (a,Fas) and (k, f (b) FIH) Howeve, eve i5 cthA The fare-un ere. 4 is deserenkubu ate, it firn fath )-p(u) a f(b)-f(a) ersy,介m) Qua, i na init rs denokd f(4) and is Called the clerivative ói-fata. 4 is diwer enhao'« if fis a事, a fri Gl1 , a e-Dem(4), Prooum : Compete, heck, i vcdtve CffCry=x n . Snoume斗"emNY, k ngw+Autu hne cuwe f(x)=x 3 ink:sect s f"Co-Win -Path-f(a)-- (ath)3-a hry α5ナー弓a 2 h +了anz th3--p5 ーーーーーー3s2 : 7 (x-a) (x2+ ax-2a+)=0 (w a) (x-a) (x + 2a)-。 Epovi양익。 Hence i kwyent line and CVi¥we meet ar (a, a 3) and (-2a,-8a3) - wy, 5wro'Anaouwarwa is it sevsras onchu, w. Can consider NCTATIOiv.neve avet浼weal ecrnmenly u reci notatiunshv 3ve de! i43twe its derivative YEP(k) rs, deWUive) devo扒e dervOhive den vokyu,IdQ4V3kMe, ACALE M : Te cos} CIn doia is of buidwy aheue. A Square ket in 90urow : ue now fen) ide cNhicn F5jw Cost-divickof by an @wea, set s matuwd in daloo p quaefe0t_ー e aw Downing Ohi,id & hcu rouJVY A siinate desstm Aveo, P(a) ss乃ve CCH- m ween 5 Doy 4 DERIVATIVES unor is a darwahw and how Should withinh W ) ou ) - 0n ? eve / 舶 ) -- fca ) Atenarmely Aitenaynely , is h durees - the aryne + theinke ala e . heb - a - Nenoverejira_fla + h ) - , f ( a ) fath ) -pCo ) pan ( a , Fas ) and ( k , f ( b ) FIH ) Howeve , eve i5 cthA The fare - un ere . 4 is deserenkubu ate , it firn fath ) -p ( u ) a f ( b ) -f ( a ) ersy , 介 m ) Qua , i na init rs denokd f ( 4 ) and is Called the clerivative ói - fata . 4 is diwer enhao ' « if fis a 事 , a fri Gl1 ,
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