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Lecture 10

MUSC 102 Lecture 10: Music Week 10

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MUSC 102
Kip Pegley

Music Week 10 Wednesday looking at two previous isms (eg. expressionism, realism) studying opera called Wozzeck today Alban Bergs Wozzeck Listening Guide o (18851935) o Movie Questions: How did the Wozzeck plot reflect expressionist art? its about music and perspective its from main character Wozzecks perspective it is much more subjective Berg was in the army wanted to show anxiety of this hallucination and extreme aggression turns to murder to reduce his pain (character) this is the first expressionist opera freely atoned uses major and minor systems in music and tone rows more dissonant movie soundtrack late romanticism trying to push tonal and atonal uses historical forms once again some of them weve talked about (sonata form, fugue, rondo, passacaglia) in last act (3rd one) there are 5 scenes uses variations on a theme each scene is a different variation 1. scene one variation on one theme 2. scene two variations on a single now 3. scene three variation on a pattern 4. scene four variation on a hexachord (six notes at once) 5. scene five variations on running notes (68) pattern Lack of compassion for Wozzecks sons dead parents Leitmotif: a musical idea associated with each character anchors the opera Outer world distorted by inner world 2:08 see how the moon betrays me harp comes in dreamlike (hallucination) speechlong throughout 2:35 drowning strings rise like the water is rising it is from his perspective Distortion, loud volumes, dissonance Plot not about love and beauty Life is also about bleakness = expressionism United States o The Europe, paris was the hub of modernism the beginning of the modernist movement o Some early European composers wanted American music Indigenous music African American music Charles Ives (18741954) o First distinctly American Composer o Son of a band master father conducted marching bands o We see nationalism coming through marching bands o Realist composer tells the stories and sounds that were around him for real (he didnt here indigenous music of African American music.. He heard marching bands)
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