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Lecture 12

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MUSC 102

MUSC 102 Lecture 12 - Olly Wilson (1937- ) - African- American composer - Really well respected composer of electronic music - Explored what’s possible with 1) Magnetic tape 2) Computer-generated sounds - “Sometimes”, 1976 - Composers in the 70s were very interested in combining different sounds - Took a step back and looked at the new sounds, decided they don’t want to deal with them all the time - Combines live sounds with computer generated sounds and magnetic tape - Sometimes, pg. 252 - Based on spiritual “Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child” - Important that it’s based on a Christian song th th - FirstAfricth slaves brought to States in 1619, continued through 17 , 18 , and partway through 19 centuries (amended inAmerican constitution, 1865) - Part of the agenda for slave owners was to “de-Africanize” slaves 1) Prohibit slaves from speaking their own language 2) Introduce new music to them, take away their own - Christian music in particular, change them on religious level as well - Songs became an important part of slaves’lives, they picked up on the tradition and carried it through - African American spirituals really carry through 18 , 19 , and 20 centuries - Wilson brings it back, just like Europeans had before - “[This piece]… is based on a contemporary interpretation of the Black Spiritual ‘Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child.’I attempted to recreate within my own musical language not only the profound expression of human hopelessness and desolation that characterizes the traditional spiritual, but also simultaneously on another level, a reaction to that desolation that transcends hopelessness. It is for this reason that musical events associated with the original spiritual appear in a number of different ways- sometimes straightforwardly, sometimes fragmentized or extended, and sometimes in completely new relationships with one another, both on the immediate as well as the large-scale, formal,
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