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Lecture 7

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MUSC 102

MUSC 102 Lecture 7 - Anxiety at the turn of the century - Freud and psychoanalysis - Darwin - Women’s rights movement - Cubism, Primativism video “The Wild Beasts” - Main features of Picasso’s cubist style? - Strange angular shapes, foreground and background mix, objects reduced into geometrical shapes, words and realistically painted objects gradually interested. Later collage develops. - What did it share with Stravinsky’s music? - Short musical fragments juxtaposed, reducing music to its most elemental rhythms. - Imp. Artists - Matisse: Not about the details for him it’s the colour and overall image - Picasso: Geometric, angular, more about the jist of it, Primitivism in some of his works - Gaugin: Notion of what’s exotic - Stravinsky relates as there are little angular musical fragments coming at you. Like Picasso, multiple things happening at once. - Igor Stravinsky 1882-1971. Born in Russia, spends time in Paris. Continues notion of nationalism from Romantic era. Borrows from Russian folk tunes. In 1910 goes to Paris. Meets Sergei Diaghilev, part of the Ballet Russes. Produces important ballets for them i.e. “Petrouschka” (1911) 1. Angular sounds but other times… 2. Folk tunes pg. 218 - Stravinsky “The Rite of Spring Scenes from Pagan Russia” (1913) - Getting back to primitive ideas. Piece is a series of Pre-Christian fertility rights. Choppy, Forte, very different than Debussy, dark, dissonance, driving. Syncopation gives it its angularity. He also uses poly rhythm- several meters happening at the same time. Dissonance created through bitonality- getting away from leading chords. - Additive texture: Instruments come i
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