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MUSC 102
Kip Pegley

Cubism • Les Fauves (“The Wild Beasts”) – artists from France (1900-1910) o Dance (1909) by Matisse  Bright, saturated colors • Picasso’s Les Desmoiselles d’Avignon (1907) o Objects reduced to geometric shapes o Noses, hair and other facial features were very angular and geometric o Figures are abstract and the object and background blend together o Words begin to show up in the paintings o Invention of collage o Style becomes simplified o Women are wearing masks o Controversial Primitivism • Artists that are interested in exoticism • Gaugin’s Contes Barbares (1902) • Short musical fragments, but much more assertive/angular than impressionistic fragments Stravinsky (1882-1971) • Meets Sergei Diaghilev, led Ballet Russe (modernist and risk-taker) o Composed “Rite of Spring” for Ballet Russe  Tribal ritual of women sacrificing herself  Pre-Christian fertility rites  Very rhythmically driven due to heavy syncopation  Polyrhythm – multiple layers of different rhythms on top of each other  Bitonality – use of multiple keys at once (highly dissonant)  Additive texture – thickening of texture due to the addition of more instruments  Ostinato – persistant motif or phrase in the same voice(builds tension)  Form is through composed • Petrouchka o Puppet which comes to life o Abrupt phrase shifts o Carnaval-esque o Takes place at the St. Petersburg Fair o Fragmented sound • Premier 1910 with “The Firebird” • Born in Russia • Music has a mechanical quality • Sort of like the
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