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Week 8 New Movements in the 20th Century.docx

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MUSC 102
Kip Pegley

Week 8
New Movements in the 20Century Listening: Stravinsky, The Rite of Spring, opening section; Schoenberg, “Madonna” from Pierrot lunaire Reading: Chapter 11, pp. 220 (from “Primitivism”) - to 227 Cahèdrale de o Impressionismfirst impression, immediacy Rouen 18
90s o The use of light & shade o Nature shimmering of the water Impressionist o Score of afternoon of a faun features o No ‘in your face’sounds like trumpets trombones o Dynamics are quiet o String bow – sur la touché o Tremolo o LIKE AN IMPRESSIONISTIC PAINTING Symphonic poem o 1 movement o programmatic o various sections o ABA’ Afternoon of a o Preformed in paris faun listening o Symphonic poem can be an orchestral piece but was choreographed into a ballet guide o 1912 paris ballet russes (Russian ballet), choreographed by vaslav nilinksy  he creates a tableaux, looks like 2d rather than 3d they didn’t wear shoes  very radical, against classical ballet paris – modernism Ballet video o Anxiety at the o Darwin  evolved instead of being created turn of the 20 o New technologies century o Sigmund freud ViennaAustria still important in the way we live today, Interpretation of dreams in 1902, a dream is an expression of an unfulfilled wish o Role of women Right to vote in Germany 1918
, Austria 1919 scares men o Questions and anxiety begin to show through music Cubism o What is the basic style of cubism? How does it differ from impressionism? Objects reduced to geometric shapes, Modern vision of reality o Picasso, what is his style like? Les demoiselle birth of cubism, female figures are broken up into strong angular shapes, foreground and background blend together, Girl with a mandolin very abstract Accordion words begin to appear in paintings, often come from newspaper, realistically painted objects (collage), objects are fragments of the real world o George Braque became close friends with Picasso to develop cubism o How is stravisnsky’s music the visual parallel to Picasso’s art? 1910 the firebird based on Russian folktale petrouchka carnival atmosphere, music shifts abruptly rite of spring  matched the work of the cubists, short musical fragments like viewpts in paintings, he reduces music to its most elemental rhythms The wild beats o Matisse, dance 1909 Les fauvres Colours are saturated and lively, not about realism its about energy, going against romantic notion, Picasso style o Foreground and background o Body parts in different places o Angular and geometric shapes o Bold saturation and lines Les demsmoiselles o Depiction of prostitutes in Barcelona, anxiety in women d’avignon o Theyre wearing masks,African descent o Carvinal atmosphere, Stravinsky, lack of development or any sort of lead in o Short musical fragments o STRAVINSKY IS THE MUSICAL PARALLEL OF PICASSO Primitivism o Artists who are interested in non European images o Defiance of what is white European, as they borrow from other cultures they primitivize them, kind of look down on them and looking at them as primitive Gaugin o Contes barbares 1902, associated primitive desire stravisky o 18
2-71 Russia o nationalism, Russian folk tunes and tales o 1910 he goes to paris to work with ballet producer serge Diaghilev
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