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MUSC 102
Kip Pegley

Week 9 st rd March 21 -23 April 21  office hour tutorial, last minute questions • Throwback Beethoven loved napoleon, hope for the enlightenment • People were given hope, idea of mercenaries fades away creating a greater sense of nationality Realism • Nostalgia for what came before • People began working in cities more  third class carriage 1865 by honore Daumier Bonjour • Anything that does not appear on the retina, has no belonging in painting monsieur courbet realism • 1854 – gustave Courbet opera 1. Wagner’s ring cycle • Similar to Monteverdi with big myths and medieval narrative 2. Middle ground – Verdi • Shakespeare had been translated into many other languages which was very appealing to people • Not myth or fantasy based, people could relate 3. Realists – Puccini • La Boheme 1896, about living in poverty in paris • Madama Butterfly • Realists pick what they see around them yet madama butterfly is about a Japanese geisha girl Puccini 1858-1924 Life • As a youth he moves to Milan, because opera is extremely popular there Verismo • Verismo realist style- simple plots, no subject was too ugly, often about passion and sex, soaring melodies and doubling/tripling lines • “without melody there can be no music” interest in japan • incorporates Japanese folk tunes • pentatonicism ( just black keys 5 notes) • includes more percussion(east Asian instruments) • borrowing from other countries Interest in 1. japan was isolatd form the west for 200 yrs, lifted in 1854, seen as far away and Japan exotic. 2. Western societies were looing abroad to gain untapped resources in order to fuel their new industrial economes—acquiring power internationally – colonialism and to just take from other countries 3. When japan lowered their boundaries to the west, they became allies to the US so both countries could take advantage of China. American men has new access to Japanese women—US could build naval base at japan, so they could have surveillance base of china and to refill. Japanese government allowedAmerican men who came over to have more access to Japanese women they could engage in temporary marriages although highly unbalanced. Once they were married they were allowed to leave and when they left they could annul the marriage but the Japanese women were bound to theAmerican men for life, Japanese government thought American men would come over more often 4. 1867 and 1889 two world fairs in paris, many composers heart east asain music for the first time, they were enthralled by the new sounds ­ primitism interest in other cultures saw them as really far behind, ­ England became known as Japanamania  were obsessed around 1880’s and on ­ Gilbert and Sullivan (english) comic opera “The Mikaoto” spoof on Japan, very popular 1885 ­ Plot is silly, actually became really popular unexpectedly Madama • Pinkerton rents Japanese house for 999 and marries cio cio san, goes back to us Butterfly marries returns to japan with wife cio cio san kills herself 1. “throughout the world” • star spangled banner intervals, Puccini is depictingAmerican as arrogant “America forever”, comrade’s name is Sharpless.
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