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MUSC 171
Kip Pegley

Music 171 week 7 25/10/2012 2:34:00 PM Bob Dylan  Folk musician started  Most important in 1960-1963, after Kennedy assassination  Depth of his lyrics, really important  Electrified his sound  Folk music, is produced by the people and taken off into mainstream  Born in 1941 named Robert Zimmerman  Feels like he was on the outside cuz he was jewish  Very ant-bigotry and anti-war =major themes  The times-an Anthem 1963  Had a purpose. Strong song  This song is a ¾ meter very rare. 3 4 time  V = 27-23-4 S=7 V=26-22-4 S=11 v=26-4-22 s=6 V=26-22- 4 S=17 V=26-22-4 S=8 and a fade  It changes because of the lyrics because bob Dylan is a story teller  Not really a chorus, dealing with refrains  Really long solos  Really clear anounciation  Lrics are the most important thing. Emphasis there  Dylan 1965  Electric sound  at Newport folk festival  1960’s  civic rights movement  race problems from 1954- when USA desegregated schools  Repressed sexuality  Poverty- wide spread poverty in USA  Elvis drafted to war  In-between years= 1958-63, b/w big stars and new stars  Reason for b/c loss of big stars  Payola= getting music on the air starts in 1959  “The price is right”-investigated for giving away answers  Alan Freed- fired for payola  ASCAP- from tin pan to pop music such as Frank Sinotra  They think all DJ‟s playing rock n roll are being paid off  Music becomes much more conservative  Its safer  “Girl Groups” introduce new music, much safer  a lot of black girl groups  Ronettes-phil spector  A producer, writer, promoter, child genius, also crazy  Born in 1940, moved to NY/philly  1960 becomes a producer for atlantic records  worked with Lieber and Stroller  Brill Building on Broadway- the place for young songwriters  Paul anka worked there  Starts own recording company, called Phillies very successful retired at 26  Changes sound of pop music  Created wall of sound  Method: overlosded the studio, a lot of intstroments  Overdubbing: overlaying music recordings  Drum fills: u know this dman  “Be my Baby”  I=4-2-2 V=16-8-8 C=8(strings and voculs +c+R) V=16-8-8 C=8 strings=8 c=8 drums=2 c/f=14- strings and drum fade, drum fills backbeat  Boing rythem= 1+2+3+4 big sound at the end with a lot of percussions  X xx x  euro and African american  16 measure sections and 8-radio friendly, really clear annunciation  wall of sound  “Spanish Harlem”-Ben E King  Ronnie spector- singer, and a lot of white modification the “Ronnets” to appeal to the white audience.  Motown  “hitsville USA  sound of young America  founder: berry gordy” loved it  hes from Detroit, motwon short for mowtown  born in 1929, grew up in competitive family  1959 starts record company “tamala” Motown  4 musical strategies  1) writing teams- Holland Dozier-Holland best writing team  2)quality control division  melody, instruments, lyrics. Grade songs  3) technology-listen to records on types of record players ppl had at home or in cars  1960-1970 535 singles, 67% charted (average is 10%)  1966-75% songs charted  4) promotion- sets up motown review 1962  white finishing schools, making girls be perfect  six business principles  1) cheap labour- find best deal go to projects in Detroit to get ppl  2) control of the marketplace- buying all competition, and houses to use as business structure  3) vertical integration- control everything  4) sold to whites- hired whites early  record had no pictures  5) workforce was in compartments –songwriters are only sonwritters  6) workforce is depersonalized  “Supremes” with dianna ross  one of the biggest group in the 1960s  coming out of the projects  Gordy assigned them to H-D-H  had 5 #1 hits in a row  “stop!”  I=8-4-4(high vibes+low end bass)V=16-12-4( refrain c+r) C=12-8- 4(refrain) V=8 C/F=8  Flat 4/4 beat  clearly annunciate; not emotionally intense  very radio friendly bc of chorus and refrains  high vibes and low end bass  no solo‟s  first person lyrics “advice song”  Fades <>  Stax  Record company, rep black power  Founder: jim stewart  Opened up in Memphis  Mar Keys-house band at Stax  1) not ambitious  2) more relaxed in the studio, more instrumental recordings  “Soul Man” 1967  I=8-4(solo)-4(brass) V=8 C=8(brass c+r) V=8 (brass shots) C=8 V=8 C=8 bridge=8 5-4(intro) C/F=8  Stax is performance based  1) make low end emphasis  2) more emotionally esthetic  3) performance based  4)texture- sparse  5) c+r through voclust and intruments  week 8 25/10/2012 2:34:00 PM 1954 rock and started to 1964 first decade golden age of teenage music 1964-1967 - more serious sitting down, listening 1967- end of rock and roll Beginning of Rock blues based rock -rolling stones -muddy waters “Chicago blues” 01. electrified, 02. sped up 03. call and response 04. 12 bar structure 05. sexual content (60 minute man) Rolling stones  12 bar  stop time  C+R  Harmonica Psychedelic Rock- factors and origin  1960s  - from south east Asia  Sitar- stringed instrument  Free form music, open structure  Ex some Beatles, Grateful dead, Jimmy Hendrix  Improve  Distortion  Comes from the culture of the 1960s  Influents by poets like Allen Ginsberg  Poetry about inner peace (hippy shit)  Poetry about civil rights, women‟s rights, environmental politics  Band coming from T.O, San Fran, Yorkville  “the first human Be In” festival in San Fran, Jan 1967  ^ later called “summer of love” 1967 bands like Jimmy and Grateful were there  not radio friendly Grateful dead is a huge influence on psychedelic music Fans are called dead heads Lots of improv Guitar distortion Different relationship with lyrics, lyrics come in kind of random because its so free flowing, b/c its improve and the sound is more important Performance based composition More about the music than the audience AM radio=amplitude modulation - far range, but limited quality ound - FM radio= frequency modulation - 1960- classical and psychedelic music listeners pushed FM radio b/c it is better sound quality, making FM more popular - “Lucy in the sky with diamonds”-Beatles - psychedelic song - early Beatles - more boy meets girl era - Middle Beatles 65-66 - Non western sounds like “Norwegian wood” - More introspective lyrics such as “tax man” - Psychedelic Beatles - More riffs - Late Beatles-67 - Sgt Peppers is an album that changes things for the Beatles - Its called a concept album- has a story - Art Rock - Classically based- meaning it has structures - Complex structures, maybe orchestra - “please please me”-beatles recorded in 585 minutes sgt peps-700hrs - “A day” 1967 - I-4 A-10 “I read” A-9 A-9 B-10 “hear traffic, orchestra, synthesizer” - Cut time= 2x as fast - I-4 A-10 A-9 A-9 B-10 than Final chord (held) - Radio stations prefer to buy singles than alums b/c it was cheaper Challenges to rock Lots of money going to fewer artist Don Mclean “American Pie” this song put out 4.5 million singles making 1.1 mill in royalties Forbes estimated 50 rock stars that earned b/w 2-6 mill a year 1973 1973- 6 major record labels, less from the 60‟s and 50‟s in 1950 record sales were 189 million in 1973= 2 billion dollars 1978=4 billion -Musical Reactions 1) pop revival (the Diamonds, the carpenters) 70‟s in pop u don’t see people playing instruments, in rock you do Bruce Springsteen - Bringing back the music, to rythem and blue - Nick name „the boss”  blue collar views, works hard plays all night - Comes on the scene in 1972, gets compared to Dylan - In 1973 joins up with “E street Band”‟ - Gets fans involved, talks about war American dream - In 1975 Bruce is on cover of TIME and newsweek- as saviour in his album “Born to Run” - Vietnam ended in 1975, good timing for Bruce. - “born to run” B=bridge T=tag V=verse - drum pickup I=8 V=22-8-14(bells organ, refrain title of song) B=8 V=22-8-14 B=8 Sax solo=12 B=16 Guitar solo=12 V=30-8-14-8 T=17 Glam rock KISS 1973 breakout album called Alive! In 1975 1976 “Destroyer” – huge album “power Balled” opens up everyone to listen to music 1977 KISS is the most popular band in USA songs really unison= one voice, everyone sings it along easy tunes “Rock and Roll all night” I=8 V=16-8-8 B=4-2-2(drum break) C=16-8-8(syncopation)(guitar drops out) B=2 V=16-8-8 B=4=2=2 C=16-8-8 Long choruses A lot of male bonding Disco Used to be called party music Came from gay latino black subcultures Started off post war Europe people go to places called “discotheques” In early 1974s started become mainstream Pop radio stations started playing disco Songs making the top charts like “rock the boat” Disco people used the word rock in the title to make people feel more comfortable (lol) “the hustle” is a dance which became a song, and was huge 1975 I=16-8-8-4-4-4-4(percussions)(horns) A=16(flute)(strings) B=10-6-4 (flugal horn… weird horn) A1-21-9-8-2 A=16-8-8 B=10-6-4 A/F=16 For the hustle= strings, percussion from latin, flute, flugal Girgeo Moroder - german producer, active in the 1960‟s - 1976- producers big hit called “learn to love you baby” - got singer donna summer to sing it - brought the song from Europe to the USA, significantly influnces leangths of song to get longer and longer - changed the piece of record from 7” to 12” - than started working with Diana Ross and Gloria Gayner( I will survive) - Bee Gees(brothers gibb) - They were not into disco but came this opportunity to make it big - Brought disco to the main stream - 1977- Saturday Night Fever - made it safe for mainstream America - disco really starts to take of 1977 - 1978- disco becomes a full blown genre, - WKTU- huge rock station went all disco - 1979 Disco band becomes more popular genre in USA - over 200 disco stations - huge backlash “disco suck!” - 79- DJ Steve Dahl, encourages ppl to come to baseball game and for people to bring all their disco records chanting “disco sucks” put records in stadium and light it on fire! Disco stoped because… Sexual connotation, took away the real music( cant see instruments) took
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