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MUSC 171
Robbie Mac Kay

MUSC 171 Week 7 – October 21 , 2013 The 1960’s: The Backlash Against Rock ‘n’ Roll, Girl Groups, and Motown Construction  a “construct” is an agreed upon idea about a norm (education, government, gender, etc.), ideas that, unexamined, become accepted as “fact” or simply “the way the world works.” For example, a musical construct appears to prohibit women from playing drums. More on that to come. Major Chords and Keys: happy or excited Minor Chords and Keys: sad or scary  Artists used key signatures to establish/indicate feelings/moods Things to listen to:  the sounds of the songs  the lyrics of songs  if they match Beatles – I Wanna Hold Your Hand  Happy, giddy, upbeat, fast tempo  No sense that he’s being cynical or unromantic; no notion that he’s singing to a man  great fluffy pop song Glee – I Wanna Hold Your Hand  More Current Version  A gay singer singing what was a typical heterosexual fluffy love song  Now he is writing about his father, not a lover  More of a father-son relationship  Whole different perspective  Not fluffy, causes sad, emotional response  Tempo: slower  Gives Kurt more time to sing the words in a more remorseful, expressive way Dire Straits: Money for Nothing - Canadian Broadcast Standards Council (CBSC) – EXAM – this council decides/controls what is appropriate for broadcast “The little faggot with the earring and the make-up Yeah, buddy, that’s his own hair That little faggot’s got his own jet airplane That little faggot, he’s a millionaire”  These lyrics would totally not be accepted in 2013  There was a video made for this song  Video portrays two guys moving furniture  The video portrays typical, blue-collared workers believing horrible and ignorant assumptions about popstars, representing how dumb they are.  So the song is considered bigoted, but when accompanied with the video, one understands that Dire Straits was being facetious, making fun of this ignorance! o this video was actually making fun of an ignorant attitude Woody Guthrie – This Land is Your Land  Activist, controlled with social jusitce  Wrote a lot of lyrics that spoke to people  Used his music to “kill fascists”, to spread his message  protest song  transparent texture o tempo is kept slow so he can enunciate o the melody is quite simple o Purpose: **he wants you to hear the words! o The melody is singable: he wants to make an anthem that farmers and poor people can sing!  very powerful and very anti-establishment Michael Mitchell – This Land is Your Land  the audience is NOT the poor workers/farmers in the U.S.A.  this song is more “fluff” now, informing kids about Canada and all of its regions.  the anthem has been taken away, tempo goes up, it’s more poppy, and a kid’s song  celebration song Guthrie vs. TPA  TPA: escapism, not wanting to offend, purpose is to sell  Guthrie: activism, about change Timeline:  WW1  Influenza Epidemic  Communist revolution  Prohibition/ Gangersterism  The Great Depression  WW2  Nuclear Bombs and the Cold War  Korean Conflict  Civil Rights Movement (Rosa Parks and Ruby Bridges)  On the Horizon: Vietnam War  Assassinations (Kennedys; Martin Luther King Jr.; Malcolm X)  A lot of drugs Post War Suburbia – two generations seeking peace and quiet  Leave it to Beaver: June, Ward, Wally, and “The Beav” o naïve suburbanities  A lot of people were suffering from PTSD Bo Diddley: Bo Diddley  4-beat feel  Bo Diddley Beat a.k.a Son Clave o This rhythm is all over pop music – EXAM  Afro-Cuban beat that Bo Diddley introduced to Rock ‘n’ Roll Elvis Presley – Hound Dog (cover song)  Kind of sexual, the way he moved his pelvis  Girls liked this, but it was very sexual  Some TV’s showed him waist up  up tempo, higher key, tamer lyrics, Jordanaires sing backing vocals (reminiscent of big band vocalists)  Elvis is pretty clever o makes the music less sexual, and more TPA, (even though it’s Rock ‘n’ Roll), so that parents approve of it more **Once we come to Rock ‘n’ Roll, age becomes a huge deal and division between people Big Mama Thornton – Hound Dog (original) – Blues  tempo = slower  1952  Much more sexual o ex. Elvis’ cover version takes some of the sex out of the songs to make it pallitable to the white audience The establishment wants to get rid of “Bad Boys”  Jerry Day Lewis and Chuck – sex scandals Wanda Jackson: Queen of Rockabilly 
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