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Lecture 6

Lecture 6

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MUSC 171
Kip Pegley

th Oct 28 -band members of “The Funk Brothers” were mostly self-taught - Film: Standing in the Shadows of Motown Progression of Mo Town sound which started I the style of Tin Pan Alley (love songs and non confrontational  i.e more explicit content, such as Martin Geye’s “What’s Going on” and The Temptation’s “Cloud Nine”) -lots of soul music produced in the 1960’s (power, blues) Motown Philles Stax Owners/Driving Berry Gordy Phil Spector and Lester Still Jim Stewart and his siter Forces (PHIL + LESter = Philles) Estelle Axton (STewart+AXton = Stax) Signature Quite dense – a big house Very dense - Spector’s Relatively transparent texture band which included trademark was the “Wall of piano, organ, drums, Sound;” to achieve - Standard rock quartet guitars, percussion, vibes, orchestral sound he would (guitar, drums, bass, piano, and a small horn section) horns, strings typically use a large band with multiples of instruments - Some backing singers per - Many backing singers (e.g. two pianos) per recording recording - many backing singers per recording Production - highly arranged to - highly arranged to - sparsely arranged to style accommodate so many accommodate so many accommodate a “jam” or musical parts musical parts very improvised feel Known as Hitsville USA n/a Soulsville USA Known for - “Girl Groups” in the early - “Girl Groups” in the early - recording a variety of days (e.g. The Supremes days (e.g. The Ronettes and players and genres (race, and The Marvelettes); The Crystals) hillbilly, jazz) provided etiquette and wardrobe lessons to the -using “inhouse” writers and “off the street,” thus young women, to help achieving a consistent achieving an interesting sound hybridity of feet them appeal to a broad
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