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Lecture 5

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MUSC 171
Kip Pegley

Oct 21 st A construct is an agreed upon idea about a norm (education, government, gender etc.) ideas that, unexamined become accepted as fact or simply the way the words works. For example a musical construct appears to prohibit women from playing drums. Major Chords and Keys : Happy or excited Minor Chords and Keys : Sad or Scary The Beatles I want to Hold your hand ­ Happy, optimistic, uppy, fast tempo ­ Pleasant hopeful, fluffy pop song Glee Version I want to hold your hand ­ singing to his dad, gay singer, powerful, tempo is slower, more time to sing words in soulful way, express his feeling of loss Dire Straits : Money for Nothing Canadian Broadcast Standards Council CBSC (NOW FOR EXAM CBSC) – context is important, they were being clever when writing this song, it becomes clear when watching video. Woody Guthrie: This land is your Land – activist, social justice, protest song, spoke to people who were having hard economic times. Sparse, transparent texture, (how much is going on can I hear the individual bits), tempo slow, annunciate, protest anthem, he wants everyone to know that this is our land, sounds like communist thinking. Michael Mitchel: This land is your land – Canadian version ­ Not a protest song, a celebration song, his audience is not migrant workers in US, audience younger. He took away all of the good thing about the song and made it into a fluff. Its for kids, happy, poppy. Guthrie vs TPA (Tin Pan Alley) ­ TPA Escapism, song writers, don’t offend, sell sellsell, ­ Guthrie, change, change, change. ­ What is the performer trying to do to me, artist intention, different from the way that we hear. It’s about where and when you heard the song and what it means to you. Questions on Final, loads of lecture material, questions from book, quiz banks on website, do the reading and use Moodle site and do online quizzes.. What’s happened? Prior to 1950 World war 1 Influenza epidemic Communist revolution Prohibition gangsters The great depression World war 2 Nuclear bombs and the cold war Koran conflict Civil rights movements (Rosa Parks and Ruby Bridges) On the horizon: Vietnam war Assassinations ( Kennedys, MLK JR : Malcolm X LSD- fueled hippies (Yikes!) Post-war suburbia – two generations seeking peace and quiet Leave it to the Beaver: June, Ward, Wally and the “The beay” Naïve suburbanites. Bo Diddley : Bo diddley -sounds like he is ripping off a child song, afro Cuban beat, son clave (important for exam) alkiscaldik) Elvis Presley – hound god 1956 -learned his dance from his stripper girlfriend, pink socks, white socks, weird for 1950s. a lot of stations wouldn’t show him from the waist down, “Elvis the Pelvis”. - were troubling for generations that had very clear race and gender lines. - The blanching of RocknRoll a
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