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Lecture 4

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MUSC 171

MUSC171 Week 4 - Duke Ellington, recorded Conga Brava in 1940, performed for white audiences in Harlem clubs didn’t do well commercially, but had a following in upscale Harlem clubs - Afro Cuban feel to this song - Intro, 4 - A, 20 measures, 16 (trombone solo) and 4 (short clarinet bridge) - A, 20 measures, 16 (trombone solo with a brass backing) and 4 (clarinet bridge) - B, 8 measures (clarinet solo also with a brass backing) - Bridge, 6 measures, all instruments - C, 40 measures, tenor and sax solo - Bridge, muted trumpets - A, 20 measures, 16 (sax, and muted trumpets), and 4 - D, 22 measures, all instrumentations going at once - Short bridge, music drops out, 4 measures - A, 20 measures, trombone solo - Not just 12 bar blues structure, sometimes 16 - Sections are carefully crafted and designed, improv reduced - Written music mostly with some organized solos - Hybrid between Euro andAfrican traditions - Ballrooms and ballroom culture disappeared from 1947-1949 - Jump bands are a smaller version of big bands, the period between big bands and rhythm and blues, smaller brass section, sax, trumpet, piano, drums, and bass guitar, last 3 with heavier emphasis (increase in rhythm section) - Louis Jordan and the Tympani Five - Independent radio stations, local DJs, regional accents • Resistance to playingAfricanAmerican Music • Cleveland’s Alan Freed • More variety on local stations - Rhythm and blues, pre 1949, race music • 1945-1960 • increase in tempo • some traits of classic and country blues, AAB • dancing, expression of joy - Louis Jordan, “choo choo Ch’Boogie” 1946 • Intro, 12 measures (train sounds) • Verse, 12 measures, muted trumpets • Chorus, 8 measures • Piano solo, 12 measures, boogie woogie piano improv • Verse, 12 measures, and 4 and • Chorus, 8 measures • Arranged solo, 20 measures, call and response, and 4 and • Verse, 12 measures • Chorus, 8 measures • Saxophone, 8 measures • Stock time, synocopated time, hear in last 2 bars • 8 measures • ends with a 1 bar tag, arranged ending, extra ending • train imagery, brushes on drums • shuffle feel • improvised sax solos and arranged solos (mix) • call and response with riff as response to vocal call (drawing onAfricanAmerican traditions) • more clearly enunciated texts • stop time Rock and Roll - Beatles - Elvis Presley - Buddy Hally - Jerry Lee Lewis - Chuck Berry - Male sexuality, singing about females - Women’s participation declines significantly - Women became objects of sexual desire - Birth of rock
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