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Pharmacology and Toxicology
PHAR 100
Hisham Elbatarny

OvertheCounter DrugsdefinitionDrugs which can be purchased without a prescription Usually limited toxicity and selflimiting symptomdrugs includeAnalgesicsCold prepsVitaminsLaxativesAntacidsAcne prepsSunscreenRole of Governmentselfadministered selfSafetyprescribedtoxicity testsinitial use prescription drugs once familiar w effects can then be sold over the counter patent and propiertyact up to 70s manufacturers did Efficacynot have to list ingredientsdifficultoften product long standing use after 77s under Food and Drug act has to show some use controlled clinical trialsdemonstrable efficacy but drugs that already on market before this didnt have toAdvertisingcannot claim a cureclinically relevant reduce cold by 7 hours NotConditions for use of OTC all drugs have side effects if arentaverage person can self diagnose if clinically relevant effects dont illness is mildborhtersymptoms or illness is of limited durationif symptoms become worse see physiciannot more than 2 weeks generous esp for a cold medicineadverse eventsStop the drugSelecting an OTCselect the simplest formulation fewest drugseffective dose in the preparation read the labelare the ingredients appropriateuse a good genericcheaperbe wary of gimmicksEg Bufferinuse the proper dosage formliquid for children use the proper dose and duration
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