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PHIL 111
Paul Fairfield

September 13, 2012 Euthryphro by Plato - Knowledge of piety is knowledge of justice - Euthryphro is meant to be an expert, ergo, Socrates asks to be his mentee - Socrates wants a certain type of knowledge: interested in universal definition of piety. Euthryphro provides his own definitions 1. Piety is what I’m doing now - Upon further question: 2. “What is pious is what is loved by the gods, what is not pious is not loved by the gods.” – Euthryphro’s definition of piety a. Socrates asks, “If this is true, then it must be that the gods have come to a consensus on the definition of piety” 3. Piety is concerned with care of the gods a. Euthryphro is finally ready to give Socrates what he wants to know - Concerned with care: is it like caring for my dog? NO. More as though providing a master a service - Having given Socrates what he wants, Socrates may now go out and determine which acts are pious - Socrates, however, has questions, “Is the pious what the gods love or is what the gods love pious?” o Are w
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