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Lecture notes on Utilitairanism

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PHIL 111
Jon Miller

October 29 10292013 72900 AM Oct 29 PreliminariesEthics depends on GodWill read Platos dialogue The EuthyphroHow to cite Plato 1 Dont use page numbers of the translation 2 Use the Stephanus numberWhats the point of the dialogues Given that they are unsuccessfulIntroduction to The Euthyphro 1 Two protagonistsSocrates and Euthyphro 2 Euthyphro means Straight thinker 3 They meet outside a courtroom where Socrates is on trial for his life 4 Euthyphro is there to put his father on trial for murder 5 Most Athenians would be shocked by this action6 Father is alleged to have killed a slave 7 Circumstances of slaves death are uncertain8 Because Euthyphro claims to know what the right thing to do is Socrates asks him to explain this matter First attempt at a definition After it has become clear what has brought them together Socrates asks Euthyphro to enlighten him This leads to Euthyphros first attempt at defining piety 1 Socrates What is the pious and what is the impious 2 Euthyphro I say that pious thing to do is what I am doing now to prosecute the wrongdoer 5deSince this is only the first of several attempts we know its unsuccessful Second attempt at a definitionAfter Socrates points put that Euthyphro has given him the wrong kind of answer he tries againHere is his second attempt at defining piety 1 Euth What is dear to the God is pious what is not is impious 2 Soc Splendid EuthyphroThis is an answer to the question what is pietyA model or standard that one can utilize to determine which persons and actions are pious A modelstandard that gives clear and unconflicting guidance in particular casesWhats wrong with itThe Gods disagree about whats dearWhat one God loves another God hatesSo one and the same action would both me pious and impious
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