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PHIL 111
Jon Miller

Week 8 October 29, 2013 Preliminaries - To make the case against D.C.E., we shall read Plato’s great dialogue The Euthyphro. Before getting to this, a couple of preparatory remarks are in order. o How to cite Plato  Don’t use the page number of the translation you are using  Instead, use the Stephanus numbers • Page and column o What’s the point of the dialogues? - An introduction to the Euthyphro o The protagonists are Socrates and Euthyphro o The name “Euthyphro” means “straight thinker” o They meet the outside the courtroom where Socrates will be put on trial for his life o Euthyphro is there to put his father on trial for murder o Most Athenians would be shocked by his action, but Euthyphro is sure he knows what’s right o Because Euthyphro claims to know what the right thing to do is, Socrates asks him to explain this matter First Attempt at a Definition - After it has become clear what has brought them together, Socrates asks Euthyphro to enlighten him. This leads to Euthyphro’s first attempt at defining piety o Socrates: “Tell me, then, what is the pious, and what the impious, do you say?” o Euthyphro: “I say that the pious is to do what I am doing now, to prosecute the wrongdoer” (5d-e)
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