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PHIL 115

Philosophy 115 Week Eleven Existentialism and Phenomenology: - Marcel explores a branch of philosophy called existentialism, essentially the study of the human condition and our purpose/existence. - Phenomenology is the method of describing what one sees in the most painstaking and detailed manner while “bracketing” as many of your beliefs and cultural ideas as possible. - Phenomenology is the philosophical study of the structures of subjective experience and consciousness. - Phenomenologists are supposed to focus solely on clear and distinct ideas and are not to allow personal bias to cloud their judgment – this is not possible. - The object of awareness – anything a person is conscious of – is a phenomenon. Gabriel Marcel (1889-1973): - Abstraction – which is always abstraction from an embodied, concrete existence – can overcome our concrete existence. - We may come to view abstracted elements of existence as if they were independent. - Gabriel Marcel’s “Spirit of Abstraction” refers to his conception that the mind, yielding to a sort of fascination, ceases to be aware of these prior conditions that justify abst
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