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Richard Greenfield

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thGreek PhilosophySept 12 2013The philosophical turn of ancient GreecePrior to Thales Greek society was literate but not philosophicalThere were tremendous accomplishments in other fieldso Example Hesiod Wrote the theogony of the gods700 BCEUnsure of whether Hesiod or Homer came firstWe also dont know if Homer was a person or a tradition Enormous deliberation in every word of his poetryo Predecessors to Thales were not foolish or unsophisticated people o They simple did not raise questions Did not ask are there gods or what are godsthey just assume they exist and tell you about themo We know enough to make up lies that are convincing but we also have the skill when weve a mind to speak the trutho HomerWe humans know nothingThaleso Predicted an eclipse in 585 BCE o 150 years after the poets Thales and the other Milesians came alongo If anything has a selfserving motor it has a soul Magnets cause motion so they have soul There is something about the magnet that puts it in the same ballpark as other living thingsSelfmoving Soullife Not as mysterious as we think it is today Life force Even something that appears to be inert can have the same kind of power as something visibly alive Nothing magic about itSomething about it is comparable to other things He generalizes thisThe magnet must share a trait with living things Theres something natural about it
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