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PHIL 271
Kerah Gordon- Solomon

March 25, 2014 • We do not know the ultimate consequence • What an agent ought is what is most likely to bring about the best consequences • Choose the option with the best expected value • A person acting wrongly, if her act in fact failed to bring about the best consequences, but she can only be blamed if she failed to perform the action with the best expected value • The doctrine of negative responsibility o Responsible for what you do and what you don’t do and what results from that • For the consequentialist, what matters is what are the options and what actually happens • You can be just as responsible for failing to prevent certain consequences by inaction, just in the same way for acting upon bad consequences • What matters is what states of affairs the world contains • What comes about if it is done, and if it is not done • One appealing aspect which is the connection to impartiality • There is no relative difference from a moral point of view • Doesn’t matter who the beneficiary is or who the agent is, it is only the action that matters
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