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Queen's University
PHIL 271
Kerah Gordon- Solomon

March 20, 2014 • Every moral theory has two components • 1 : conception of the good, what is valuable or what is worthwhile in life ndo Example: loyalty to friends and family, human happiness • 2 : conception of the right, what a person ought to do or how a person ought to act given or in light of or in response to what is good • Major difference between types is what is the right relationship • What sorts of things a person ought it do what is good • Example of teleological theory: consequentialism o Locus of value or disvalue o Aspect of states of affairs o What is the relationship between the right and the good o Try to promote it o The most value possible is realized o What ought to preform whatever action has the best consequences o Utilitarian:  A subspecies of consequentialism  What sorts of states of affairs are valuable  In virtue of what is the world better or worse  What is valuable is human happiness  World that contains more rather than less happiness  Happiness is maximised, and suffering is minimised  What ever action that will maximize happiness
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