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PHIL 271
Kerah Gordon- Solomon

March 6, 2014 - Alternate accounts - What the two strategies have in common is that our passions that are doing the work in weak willed actions o Denies Davidson’s proposition o If an agent to contrary to her judgement is was because she was moved by her passions o Formed the intention to follow that judgement and her passion pulled her in the opposite direction o Another alternative account of the weakness of the will: the passion is doing the work, it is not preventing us from doing something, they come in and distort the judgement - The actual judgement vs. the passion - Davidson rejects both of the alternative approaches to the weakness of the will - Pg. 34  when a person acts with an intention, the following………. - When a person acts they will take what they believe is the most appropriate course of action to get to the end - You have a desire, the belief, and the action - The desire and the belief cause the action - Sometimes a person will have conflicting desires, desires that can’t both be satisfied be
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