PHIL 157 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: High Fructose Corn Syrup, One-Child Policy, Immanuel Kant

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25 Aug 2016
Emmanuel Kant
Monday January 18th
Real world examples
Utilitarianism Kant
Sugary Drinks - high fructose corn syrup (largest rate of obesity in Mexico) can cause
significant negative utility do to the diseases caused (diabetes and obesity) BAD NEWS
diminishes overall happiness.
2013- Mexico placed an additional tax on the sugary drinks. The government validates
this by using a utilitarian stance, such as imposing a burden upon the negative utility
which results a gain in overall happiness.
Nudge Paternalism- justifiable in the utilitarian theory.
One child policy in china – you were allowed to get exemptions as the years went on.
Strict paternalism as the government was extremely strict. The imposing of strict
burdens to lift the overall happiness of the community. Has now been turned into the
two child policy.
Sex of the Fetus –use of the Ultrasounds to determine sex of the Fetus, many hospitals
will tell the mother the sex of the child however many hospitals will not tell the sex of
the child due to fear of the results. In the hospitals it is better on grounds of the Utility,
Mostly due to the race of the parents. Very Paternalistic- would worry about the social
Uses A priori knowledge
The notion of the Good Will
Can divide into two general tracks REASONING and ACTION
What pulls me together as a person?
What parts are there that would account for integrity?
The will that is rightly engineered. Pieces are working together to make the will
A Manish- someone who has the virtue to do the right thing.
Need a will which is strongly put together so that you can be a strong person not
easily pushed around by others
If there is no rationally authoritative answer to a question than there is no answer
at all.
Needs a criteria or a test/probe.
The Universalizability test – when I make up my mind or make a decision there is on
the one hand there are a family of proposals which I use that are hypothetical imperatives
which are a set of instructions or means to an end, the however are conditional on having
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