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Lecture 4

PHIL 296 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Moral Agency, Distributive Justice

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PHIL 296
Angie Pepper

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Monday, January 18, y
From Morality to Politics - Recipients of Beneficence
or Subjects of Justice?
-The Political
How should we live together? and how soul we organize our social world?
Politics is about disagreement and conflict of interest, the resolution of those
conflict, and the exercise of power in resolving those conflicts.
Politics as affairs of state, public life, the personal
-Ethics vs. Political Theory
Ethics is primary concerned with the goal conduct and character of individuals. It;s
about how we should act and interact as individuals in our day to day lives.
By contrast political theory is concerned with the conduct and character of
individuals in their role as citizens, and with the political institutions and process
that govern our lives.
Our political and moral obligations may be closely entwined, but they are
addressing different dimensions of our relations with one another: interpersonal
morality vs. institutional relationships.
-People and Things
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