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PHGY 350
Allan R Baer

Injury 1PHGY 350Pathophysiology Topic 1Mechanisms of Cellular Injury Readings th Gould 5 ed p 612 p 7678 p 189191 th Gould 4 ed p 612 p 2629 top p 248249The Language of Pathophysiology vsacute shortterm chronic long term signs objective indicators of disease fever symptoms subjective feelings nausea morbidity disease rates win grp mortality relativeof deaths from disease predisposing tendencies that promote precipitating factors condition that develop of disease diet triggers an acute episode shoveling snow occurrence tracks incidence new cases and prevalence number of new or old cases prevalencewin poptime period subclinical state in which pathologic changes prodromal time in early development of occur but no obvious manifestations disease changes in body are nonspecific exacerbations signs of disease increase sequelae potential unwanted outcomes of primary condition etiology concerns causative factors in disease pathogenesis development sequence of events of diseaseCell Functions Susceptible to Injurygenetic apparatus eg radiation damages DNAo sometimes not seen until cell divideso prominent in rapidly dividing cells cells lining GI tract 34 days nuclei break down o shrink pyknosiso fragment karyorrhexismembrane integrityo cell lysis o diagnostic toolisozyme measurement same function slightly diff struct when damaged into circulationheart releases CK creatine kinase troponin heart and liver release AST SGOT liver releases ALT SGPTaminotransferasesamylase from pancreas ATP production by mitochondria
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