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Political Studies
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Jonathan W Rose

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Peer Review 6 We as a culture have lost the ability to argue and make decisions in an efficient and fair manner. In this lecture, Michael Sandel interactively demonstrates how decision making works in society, and poses questions which moderate the debate. He argues that democratic debate is about justice. The conversation then turns into a deduction of which values are important to making decisions in any given argument, which comes from analyzing the essential nature of the argument in question. The point is made that democratic debate should be based on the justice and morality of the issue, the purpose of the activity being debated and which qualities associated with it are worth honoring. Sandel applies this method of debate to the American system, and believes that directly engaging in moral issues will improve the quality of decision-making in the U.S.A. This argument was very well made as the lecturer inductively made his argument through a series of analogies – the analogy of hypothetical flute distribution, of golf carts and then the modern issue of same-sex marriage. He applied these analogies and how they came to conclusions to the American system of political debate, by providing a formula for moral analysis. The style of the lecture was very effective at making the point: Sandel demonstrated his thesis by encouraging partic
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