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Queen's University
Political Studies
POLS 110
Kim Richard Nossal

Tuesday, January 29, 2013 POLS 110- Week 4, Lecture 2 The Reality of Sovereignty  Not all claims to sovereignty are respected o Extraterritoriality  Imperial-era concessions in China  US Trading with the Enemy Act (ex/ Cuba vs. America)  The pajama dilemma in Walmart’s of Canada and the United States  Canada’s Bill C27, 1997  if you are a Canadian citizen, the authority of the Canadian government extends to where you are in the world. If you commit acts on someone else’s territory, in particular, by violating 8 or 9 sections of the criminal code (sex with minors) you have committed a crime in Canada  Supreme political authority in a given territory is indeed divisible  The question is: how? Dividing Sovereignty  By governmental function? o War and defense o Foreign relations o Domestic security o Justice o Taxation o Finance o Industry o Agriculture o Education o Health o Immigration o Social Welfare o Arts and culture  Why not? Can Sovereignty be divided?  The impossibility of dividing by governmental function o A series of “authorities” (a Government of Education, a Government of Health, etc.) operating in the same territory would be impos
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