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Political Studies
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POLS 110
Kim Richard Nossal

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Monday, February 4, 2013 POLS 110- Week 5, Lecture 1 Assumptions of Federalism 4. Necessity of base line equality  Collective sharing in central rule-making by unequal units 5. Each level of must be able to act directly on the citizen  each level of government has to tax citizens/ impose laws and insure individuals in their jurisdiction abide by laws 6. Necessity of two sets of courts to adjudicate those two different sets of political actions. You also have to have one court within the political community to adjudicate conflicts and disputes between two levels of government 7. Necessity of a procedure for amending the constitution. Assumes that the original conditions under which the federation was created, over time need to be abandoned. 8. Citizens must be allowed to expre
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