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Political Studies
POLS 110
Jonathan W Rose

POLS110  For empiricists, observation is key  No point in claims without, proof  Normative: political science is the search for the good life Power and its Myriad Forms The Political Engine? Objectives  Demonstrate that power has different forms, resides in different places and need not be conscious  There is no society, there is only individuals and families. –Margaret Thatcher  Power is the capacity to bring about outcomes  What are we interested in? o Acquisition of power  Increasing it  Decreasing it  Destroying it  Not specifically about size  Power is finite  If you have some, I have less  Power is not what you do, but what you wrought  Who or what has it? o Power by oratory (Obama) o Power by status (Bono) o Power is relationships and structure o Power is a chain; only as strong as its weakest link  Is low level officer committing war crimes justifiable by orders and the importance of following orders
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