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Political Studies
POLS 110
Rob Beamish

January 14, 2013 Thinking about the political Beyond a monadic definition  Multidimensional  Heuristic framework- to provide us with a framework created to give us the opportunity to think analytically about the political might be, a framework of politics in different ways What is politics about  Political ideas  The community and its affair- about the community rather then the individual, the business of the community  Interests and their intersection- everyone has interests that they want expressed, how everyone’s interests connect to each other o There are connections between what I want and what you want o Example. Ownership of something that is our ownership that stops someone else from having it, interests that are of conflict of each other. o There are interests that co exist with each other, those that intersect and cause conflict, others that don’t effect other interests in any way and so on. o Although everyone has a conception of his or her interests and everyone will try to pursue their interests, all these can not be completed as desired due to problems that come up against these interests o Where will thee interests and intersections be and what will be their outcomes  Power, influence, and authority o Political science isn’t interested in harmony and happiness but instead where interests intersect with each other o It is politics that determines when interests that are in conflict come into conflict with one another o Who’s interests overcome others, who is gaining advantage? o The process by which some get their way and other do not, how some have their interests reflected in outcomes and others do not o Power is a process that is useful as is lets us look at how these conflicts of interests are prevailed o The tools of influence are used to change interests so conflict is avoided o Authority can be used to influence people and use power to get what is wanted o Its never in our interest to be threatened with negative consequences so therefor because at the end of the day our interests remain in conflict even though we comply with the threat, it is power that is implied to this  Rules- rules that are written down in law that we must follow o What we really want to do is talk about how communities are organized which has much more to do with informal rules rather then formal rules of law o Rules generically are usually rules of the game of how communities work, politics is therefor always about those informal rules to be followed  Governance: choosing the rules- politics is about choosing the rules of the game to benefit the community o The making of certain rules effects how people go about o It basically encourages us to think about the interconnections between these different elements Interconnections  Multidimensional definition encourages analysis of interconnects  Community shaped by ideas and rules o How communities are invariably shaped by the ideas and rules that encapsulate those ideas at any particular time of day o How we see these ideas leads to set of rules that will be ahead in any time o The rules and shape of the community will change over time and we cant expect these to stand over decades o Ideas are constantly changing o People don’t generally like change but time causes these ideas to change o A change how a community decides to deal with a set of ideas o If there is one element that is most clearly indicated by the passage of time don’t change but then suddenly are replaced by others  Rules reflect interests o A reflection of interests that last and those that don’t  Interests and power o Who is getting their interest served and those who aren’t is seen from power  Governance and power o Revenues aren’t meeting expenditures o How to government expresses their power through taken measures o Example how a university ups its prices or course load What is governance?  Making authoritative choi
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